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Resilience & Wellbeing Training

Pulling together all of the threads from my 25 year career, and underpinning everything we do within Art & Soul Tribe CIC, I decided to set up a unique and innovative training programme to be integrated into workplaces, community groups and schools to enable me to grow the message of positivity and inclusion with the aim of changing our culture around self-esteem, growth mindset and resilient mental health.

Extensive research and training has enabled me to develop Mindset Mojo in order to empower people to take back control of their mental health. learning how the brain works and responds to stress, encouraging the development of new skills and strategies to raise self esteem, increase confidence and create happier, more resilient futures.



 I have a passion for people, and my mission is to teach people to stop benchmarking their lives on other peoples highlights showreels and start to embrace their wonderful quirks and beautiful flaws and live their lives their own way. No apologies. No Excuses.

In my industry I have come to realise the extent of the damage we are doing to ourselves, and to each other. From negative body image and low self esteem created by unrealistic fashion & beauty ideals, to hate crime and bullying as a result of media misrepresentation and lack of education.

To be quite frank, we are creating a really awful world for our children and grandchildren so 4 years ago I decided I would do everything in my power to make changes, and inspire others to do the same.

Art & Soul Tribe is my Social Enterprise organisation aimed at tackling bullying, hate crime, social exclusion and low self worth. Now grown to over 100 volunteers within the creative industry we provide education, positivity, inspiration and new skills to ANYONE and EVERYONE. We don't care if you're thin, fat, gay, straight, black, white or multi-coloured. It doesn't matter to us what religion to follow, what music you listen to, what language you speak or how you choose to decorate yourself. We're not concerned with your age, physical ability, mental health issues or social background. If your heart is pure and your soul is kind you are welcome in our Tribe.

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