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I am incredibly proud of my work within the community, using my skills to create powerful images which represent all of the social issues that we cover within Art & Soul Tribe.

The latest campaign is something we have wanted to cover for a while now and with the recent appearance of fur at London Fashion Week and decorating celebrities in our fashion magazines with the mindblowing hashtag: #furhag (I am genuinely speechless at this)

Collaborating with photographer Bri Mansy, and models Katey Elizabeth and Victoria 'Silver' Smith we went about creating a series of powerful and highly emotional images using special effects makeup techniques (Vicki Silver was a godsend lending a hand assisting me as Mua on this one!)

We are hoping to get these images viral when we roll out the images across our social media channels and send out our press releases to the local and national press.

It's time to change the way people think about fur.

It's time to arm ourselves with knowledge.

It's time to stop this unimaginable and unnecessary cruelty in the name of fashion.

Please check out the full blog and video including SFX timelapse vid to see how we created the images.

Vanity Fur Project

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