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Bellissimo Brides!

I absolutely adore my Brides. I mean I seriously LOVE my job. What a privilege to be a part of such an intimate event and the most special day of someone's life.

I take my role very seriously and work hard to make sure each and every one of my Brides feels like the most special and important person on the planet (which of course they are!), and always ensure a relaxed and stress free environment with plenty of giggles.

Creating the perfect look is my ultimate mission, from the first meeting where I do all of my intelligence gathering to the trial where we play with different ideas until we get it spot on.

On the day itself I'm there first thing to beautify the entire wedding party and don't leave until I have got everybody in their dresses, shoes are on, veil is placed and all finishing touches are done.

I'll even pour the bubbly and make the brews!

Take a look at my Bridal section at some of my images and testimonials.

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