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Introductory Masterclasses

Finally - you can learn all of the skills you need to be able to create beautiful styles on your little divas at home! Mum's and Dad's I have answered all of your prayers with this fab masterclass. In the comfort of your own home you can learn practical skills from ponytails to various cool braids as well as some awesome updo's - get some serious parent points with this one! (3 hour session)

£35.00 per person (min 3 people)  or £100.00 one to one lesson

Girls night out Hair & Makeup Masterclass

The answer to all of your going out prayers! If you love hitting the town with flawless makeup & hair but don't always want to book into a salon then this masterclass is for you! - i'll be teaching you how to create your perfect look for any occasion. Learn how to create a flawless complexion, perfect contouring, beautiful glitter smokey eyes and some fab big hair volume and curls tricks as well as some trendy updo styles to complement your makeup look! (3 Hour session.)

  £60.00 per person (min 3 people)       £165.00 one to one lesson

Girls  -this one is for you! Learn your perfect makeup skills to create flawless bases, perfect bone structure and brows and eyes that will keep you under the teachers radar and out of detention! I will show you how to match up your perfect foundation, contour like a pro and create 2 different kinds of looks - one for parties and one for school! (3 hour session)


£55.00  per person (min 3 people)      £125.00 one to one lesson

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