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Jane Bellis

Growth mindset, resilience & first aid for mental health trainer


Jane Bellis Keynote Speaker Live

 After working in the fashion & beauty industry for 25 years, specialising in major events such as New York and London Fashion Week, and teaching technical skills & business development, in recent years it has been my passion for social change that has really fuelled my fire.

Using my profile to 'hijack' the industry and retraining in areas such as mental health first aid, resilience coaching, CBT & NLP I have been able to create training programmes and resources to engage communities, workplaces and schools with creative and engaging delivery methods.

As a qualified First Aid for Mental Health Instructor at levels 1,2 & 3 I am able to help individuals, businesses and communities shift culture around resilience, wellbeing, inclusion and growth mindset.

My Social Enterprise organisation now harnesses the skills of a large voluntary base of other professionals working in the Creative Arts to raise awareness and support for all kinds of things from anti-bullying to disability and inclusion, with Mental Health and Self-esteem at the heart of everything we do.


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